Who are Pepa & Juan?

Juan Torres Casals and his wife Josefa (Pepa), were members of the second generation of Familia Torres. Pepa and Juan’s enterprising spirit of exploring new territories and adventures inspired us to bring their old vermouth recipe found in the family’s books back to life.

Why Casals?

The name Casals honours the family’s second surname and aims to continue the legacy of those who originally produced this vermouth. In Catalan, the word Casals also means a house where many family generations have lived, a place where family and friends share together. This is our vision for Casals Vermouth: gathering, enjoying and sharing with friends and family.

What are ancestral varieties?

Over 40 years ago, Familia Torres launched a remarkable and exciting project to research and recover ancestral grape varieties, namely, varieties that were thought to have gone extinct following the phylloxera plague in the late 19th century. Since the project began, more than 50 varieties have been rediscovered, six of which have a great winemaking potential. The blend for Casals Vermouth includes one of these, called Selma.

How is our vermouth made?

We produce an aromatic white wine from local grape varieties, including the ancestral variety Selma, and create a blend together with white wine aged for three years in oak barrels. This is then infused with more than 20 Mediterranean botanicals, such as orange and tangerine peel, olive leaves, and cinnamon, that are pressed manually and separately.

Which botanicals are used?

Casals Vermouth contains more than 20 different high-quality Mediterranean botanicals including orange peel, tangerine peel. Olive leaf extract, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, thyme, rosemary, lily root and wormwood.

What is the best way to enjoy our vermouth?

Enjoy Casals Vermouth with family and friends by serving it on the rocks with an orange or tangerine peel or in iconic cocktails such as a Manhattan, Negroni or another recipe of your choice.